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Adding host information to the Nostoc phylogeny

Having obtained 496┬áNostoc rbcX sequences (plus one outgroup) and used them to infer a reasonable phylogeny, all that is left is to assign host association information to the branches. This will require (a) parsing the sequence files to obtain host … Continue reading

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Obtaining the sequences

Perhaps not surprisingly given my background, I will be starting with Nostoc photobionts. In my opinion, the most useful marker for this group is rbcX, so I will be starting there. I have decided to use blast to obtain all … Continue reading

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Welcome to PhotobiontDiversity

As with most organisms, DNA sequencing has revolutionised our understanding of the genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships of lichen photobionts over the last two decades. However, unlike most organisms, these insights have rarely been translated to formal taxonomic changes and … Continue reading

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