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Another perspective on diversity of symbiotic cyanobacteria: 16S

Up to this point, I have been focusing on the rbcX locus for all investigations of cyanobacterial photobionts because it is probably the most extensively sampled locus and it is more variable than 16S rDNA. However, it is limited because … Continue reading

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Gunnera symbionts do not cluster with lichen photobionts

I have been kicking around the idea of setting up an online catalog of lichen photobionts for years before I started doing this. The main impetus to finally start was this paper: Fernández-Martínez, M., de los Ríos, A., Sancho, L., & Pérez-Ortega, … Continue reading

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An In-Depth Look at the Diversity of Symbiotic Nostoc

**Post has been updated with some corrections to the host information in the first phylogeny** Today I am finally going to take a detailed look at the Nostoc phylogeny that I have been working on. But before I can begin, … Continue reading

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